update 28th Mar 2013
New The Crown Shirts are available:
Frontprint: The Crown Logo 2010
Backprint: None
order @ value-merch.de

update 7th May 2012
New The Crown Shirts are available:
Frontprint: Back from Grave, Backprint: Album History
Available in black, only at the 2012 Reunion Shows.

update 28 Aug 2010
New The Crown Shirts are available:
Frontprint with the new Logo, no Backprint.
Available in black, white and a kind of dark gold at the Live Shows of the Band.

update 26 Aug 2008
!!! Last Chance to order Official The Crown Merchandise !!!
The Crown found some last official Merchandise
The Shop closed the 11th Oct 2008

only a few shirts left:
Crowned in Terror Tourshirt: US (L/XL), European (XL) and some Possessed 13 Girlie Shirts in S.
If you are interested send a Mail to Hein

I got a lot of requests where one is able to buy "The Crown" Shirts.
At the moment there is no possibility to order "The Crown" Shirts Worldwide.
Neither the Recordlabels nor The Band or other Merchandising Companies have left some "The Crown" Shirts.
The only way is to find some Shirts at Second Hand Auctions, like ebay or Metal Markets.

Iīm sorry about this info, but thatīs the only truth.

If someoneīs out there, who did not longer need his "The Crown" Shirt,
please contact me.
I have some Shirt requests from Austria, USA and Dubai.
These guys would be very happy.

I have left some RememberTheGods.de Tribute Shirt.
details check here