looks like is gone, so I linked the myspace page

4/5 Ex "The Crown" Members Project
(website currently not available - July 22, 2008)
Dobermann Homepage

Johan´s new Project
One Hand Army and the undead Quartett Homepage

Marcus`s new Project
Engel Homepage

Janne´s new Project
(Janne is although drummer @ Angel Blake)
Aven Aura Homepage
(no infos about their activity)

Magnus´s new Project
Stolen PoliceCar Homepage
(Maguns left Stolen Policecar in Sept 2009)

Marko´s new Project
Angel Blake Homepage

Official The Crown Homegrave (closed)
Official Homepage

The Crown Labels

Official Metal Blade Homepage
Official Black Sun Homepage
Made some Artworks for The Crown

Official Locust Construction Homepage

Bulldozer Frenzy Fansite

One Man Army Support Page

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